How I Plan To Start Saving More Before The End Of The Year


My relationship with money has always been a very personal, at times very strained, one. For some background, I grew up in the home of a badass immigrant family who worked long and hard to make ends meet. Up until I was 10, I watched my mom work 6 days a week to make sure that we had what we needed. Her work ethic rubbed off, but the fact that I was 10 when she passed also meant that I had many questions and very few answers. 

The questions became more complicated as I navigated high school and the college process. I remember having a lightbulb moment that FAFSA wasn't made to be inclusive of anyone who didn't have a two-parent household. It was especially exclusive of anyone, who like me, had a legal guardian who wasn't going to contribute to a college education. In my case it wasn't because my grandma wouldn't have wanted to, but because setting up a college fund for me wasn't a thought that crossed her mind. 

As a first generation Latinx, I'm in a 'new-to-my-family, not-so-new-to-other-first-gen-Latinxs' situation. I'm fortunate enough to have disposable income. The education and support my family has afforded me means that I have money to spend and to save, but no systems in place to do it consistently. 

This is why I'm particularly pumped that I met Ashley Feinstein at a TurboTax event a few months ago. Ashley is the mastermind behind the Fiscal Femme and the 30-Day Money Cleanse

Over the next 30 days (starting October 16) I'll be moving through the course in hopes that it'll help me establish some healthy saving habits. My favorite part is that Ashley is big on not making this a guilt-charged experience, instead she aims to encourage those who go through the course - or go to her for money advice - to base financial decisions on what will bring you the most joy. 

If you're interested, you can loop back around every Friday when I'll recap how my week has gone. Plus, Ashley is offering my readers $20 off the 30 Day Money Cleanse, just use code: VIVNUNEZ. 

You can sign up for the Cleanse here: