Sunday, Rallying Words Vol. 2


On trusting yourself

There are some days (like today) when writing is more difficult for me than on others. I start and erase sentences with such frequency that I never get past the first three.

I'm learning that this is when it's the most important time to write. Learning to trust yourself and the "come natural to me" skills that got you thus far is not only part of growing, it's a huge part of learning to trust and invest in yourself in every aspect of your life. 

Without really trying it's so easy to imagine how we would react to a friend who was struggling with getting through the process as much as we are. We'd tell them that we trust them, that this is just a small bump in a really long road. 

When we see ourselves struggling though, the internal conversation is not the same. We're judgmental and mean.

We make it harder to move forward because we're so fixated on punishing ourselves for being stuck in the first place. 

Turning kindness inwards is the antidote to easing the mean talk. It cuts the vitriol at its source and allows grace, patience and happiness in. 

The act of being kind to ourselves also eases the pressure of needing to be perfect. In the midst of the 'half done, not feeling so great about this' moments we learn that maybe showing up and trying is more than enough of a reason to be proud and happy.