3 Resources If You’re Struggling With Your Mental Health

Image credit: TWLOHA

Image credit: TWLOHA

For starters — 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental illness. So, you are average. Find comfort in that. Because for all the people who tell you you're strange, or look at you differently. 1 IN 5. 

We all go through seasons. I am knee deep in mine and my therapist’s couch has been warmed by my butt once a week, without fail. There shouldn’t be any shame in this. But, we live in a society that both trivializes mental health issues — ie anxiety is not just your mind playing tricks on you — and has created a shame-ridden atmosphere around actively seeking to improve your understanding of your own mind. 

For all the ways therapy is taboo, the best way I’ve managed to bring myself down when I feel other’s judgements pile on me is by reminding myself that people hire trainers at gyms all the damn time. Why wouldn’t I hire a trainer for my own mind if I’m not doing well with my mental sprints? 

Today is my grandma’s fourth death anniversary and it's my biggest reminder of how far therapy has brought me. I started therapy two months before she passed away and since then have been able to learn the power of anchoring myself in myself and of learning my triggers. For every hour spent learning my own mind, I’ve poured into my self-esteem in incredibly positive ways. I have been able to start so many business ventures because I know what to do when the anxiety hits and I’ve learned how to stop myself from self-sabotaging. None of it is easy and with seasons have come some steps back with other steps forward, but who I am is worth the investment. 

I know how scary it is to take the first step of looking for a therapist or asking for help. Here’s my attempt to pour into you and hopefully make it somewhat easier. 

Therapist Spreadsheet

I created this a few months ago for a friend who wanted to go to therapy, but who was overwhelmed by the search process. The spreadsheet helps create order in what can feel like an overwhelming process. You can find it here

Websites As Resources

Maybe you’re not ready for therapy, but you want to know you’re not alone. These websites have you covered. TWLOHA. Too Damn Young. Project UR OK. The Mighty. Also, bonus, Headspace's Anxiety series is really really good. 

If You Need Help Right Now

If it's all too much and you recognize that you need help right now, call 911. Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline — 1-800-273-8255. Text Crisis Textline "HOME" at 741741.