On Building Discipline 


6am is very, very early especially after a season when 8am felt very, very early and depression made getting out of bed my biggest achievement of the day. It’s one hour after 5am, one hour before 7am, and right about when the sun starts getting warmer. 

It’s also, as I’m finding, a really good, quiet hour. It invites me to slip into my day in ways that 8am just didn’t give me space for. 

On Instagram last week I asked what questions others had for me to answer and the first one to come in was on discipline. 

At 25 I’m knee deep in figuring out what discipline is and what it isn’t. 

We often describe it as a thing that some are born with and that those who aren’t can never really acquire. I think both are wrong. I think we’re all born with some degree of understanding on how to hold ourselves accountable to what we want and how to get it. We’re not confused by the process of discipline, we’re petrified with the results that could be born if we actually embrace it. 

More than one conversation lately has centered on how afraid we are to press “go” on what we actually know we’re capable of. 

Discipline is the hand that decides to press “go.”

It’s the acceptance that we’ve failed to live up to our potential, that we have the agency to reach our goals, and that the process of getting there will require commitment. It’s a mantra every morning that states that abandoning ship is simply not an option. 

In order to embrace discipline, we have to stop bullshitting. We’re scared of something and it lives on the other side of committing to ourselves, so, what is it? 

Taking the time to really nail down what lies we’ve told ourselves about the monsters that live on the other side of a life that’s committed to ourselves and our dreams is the only way we can make space for discipline. 

The less space we let fear take up in our lives, the more room we give to possibility. 

I’m on day seven of a 6am wake-up call. My hope with forming this habit is that I’ll stop telling myself that I don’t have time to write. I found an extra hour in my day. It’s up to me to decide how I’m going to use it.