You Need To Give Your Happiness A Long Enough Runway

You Need To Give Your Happiness A Long Enough Runway


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I do this thing often when things are going really good - I start to choke on the bit of happiness I’m getting and decide that there’s just no possible way I can swallow more of it.It isn’t a belief I hold true when I’m going through hell and it keeps coming my way, I don’t take just a piece of it and decide that that’s enough to take me down.


My belief when things are tough is that the tough will keep on coming, never stop, and eventually the avalanche will take me out. Seasons of hard sometimes leave more of an impression than seasons of good do, which is why our mind defaults into believing that our lives are meant to pour into just one outcome - a bad one.

The math doesn’t add up though. Not every bad day is the first domino to a bad season. Not every good day needs to be cut at its source just because your knee jerk reaction is to believe that it can’t possibly be a pattern of good days.

I had one of those days yesterday, where it was all good and by the time my butt hit the train for the ride home, I’d convinced myself that it couldn’t possibly get better than that.

Then I had this thought — my happiness is as long as the runway I give it.

Unlike bad seasons that sometimes feel so out of our control and have us on the defensive towards outer factors, good seasons, happy days, are just as much your doing as they are the Universe’s.

You have the power to replicate the habits that helped you have a good day.

(Drink more water. Eat a nourishing meal instead of one that will slow you down. Spend quiet time with yourself. Kiss your partner a little longer. Speak kindly to yourself in the mirror before you leave your place.)

You have the ability to see your life through a lens that allows for more good things to happen. It doesn’t matter if I’m the first person to tell this to you, it matters that you keep on repeating it to yourself.

Listen, I believe heavily in the law of attraction. I also believe that fake it til you make it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You don’t have to spook yourself out of happiness just because you feel more known by discomfort.

You can choose the opposite. Challenge yourself to get comfortable. Work to build daily habits that you know are good for you and that you know are on the other side of learning how to get comfortable in them.

I’ve had so many days of telling myself that a good day was an anomaly instead of the norm in my life. I’ve had too many days believing that bad days were the norm in my life instead of the outliers.

I think magic will come from deciding to believe the truth that will give you a longer runway to build a life on.

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